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Certificate of Conformity

Cap Dauphin Fishermen's Cooperative has been evaluated by SAI Global, ASI Accreditation Code: ACC-MSC-019 and found to meet the requirements of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

Registration number: F-SAI-010

Species: Homarus Americanus

Common name: American Lobster

We supply our customers with the following variety of fresh seafood products :

Lobster (live)

Scallops (fresh IQF)

Atlantic Halibut (fresh)

Bluefin Tuna (fresh)

Photo credits: l'Ile Imagin'air

At Cap Dauphin Fishermen's Cooperative we understand that our clients want the best and the freshest products. As such, we are making sure that we use state-of the-art equipment, from aquariums on each fishing vessel to a sophisticated oxygenating and refrigeration systems; unique, to use in Québec. Our aim is to satisfy our customers with our quality products and excellent service.

"Water circulates rapidly through the crates generating an environment that is rich in oxygen. All environmental conditions are maintained at all levels."

Hélène Drouin

Biologist and President of Aquabiotech

Cap Dauphin Fishermen's Cooperative is a member of AQIP 

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